Useful Recipe Books for Beauty and Health Available at KindleStores!

We have added the following recipe books useful for our beauty and health to our book list on Kindle Store. Please check them out!

■ Teriyaki Recipes  (English ・ Japanese)
■ Rice Recipes  (English ・ Japanese)
■ Menopause Recipes for Health and Beauty  (English Only)
■ Sprouted Brown Rice Diet Recipes  (English Only)

What makes our body is what we eat.
Why not review our diet for our beauty and health.

We eat every day, three times.
Richly varied recipes that are easy to cook tasty meals
enable us to have happy time with family and friends!

Please make great use of those recipes in your everyday life!

「Teriyaki Recipes」

「Teriyaki Recipes – Japanese Version」

「Rice Recipes」

「Rice Recipes – Japanese Version」

「Menopause Recipes for Health and Beauty」

「Sprouted Brown Rice Diet Recipes」

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