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Be sure to have friends you can trust.  Have many hobbies that you like.  Enjoy and fulfill the common activities with your friends.  Lastly, do not hesitate to spend your money.  It is so sad to say but Japanese people are not good at volunteer activities.  If you are being stingy and try to save too much money, that money would rotten and destroy your mind or your family’s.  That negative power coming out of the rotten money can change you into a different personality who cannot live in a creative fun life.  Rich people in the old times were so called “the local benefactor” who willingly took care of many young poor students at their own homes and sent them to higher education forecasting them to be the next leaders in their home communities.  They had high sense of culturalism and the dignity of keeping faith.  Contrary, rich people in recent times have no purposes but to double up what they have.  Those people live in the Asura realm and are not attractive at all.   Such people may become really rich once, but soon or later will fall straight down to hell.

In western countries, children are naturally accustomed to volunteer activities.  This is one positive aspect of Christianity-related society.  Local volunteers would cook bean soup or tacos and offer to poor people in many Catholic churches in San Diego along the border of Mexico on a certain day every week.  In some parts of the world, this is a usual scene happening in a normal daily life while in Japanese schools tend to center solely around entrance examinations and students stay in a very narrow-minded environment.  Children who come out of there may avoid eye contacts when they take a glance at some poor-looking people because they cannot establish a normal, decent communication with others.  Each of us is lonely because this is a competition-based society.  We get stressed out easily and bullying the weak spreads out instantly.

In the story of Mr. Ohmae, he stated that each of us should have 20 different hobbies, but I think that’s too much.  It sounds like him as being an ADHD-type hard worker.  Go to hot spring inn with friends cheerfully instead of going alone.  Get some fresh fish at a local market and get down to the nearby camp site with a portable BBQ set.  The point is how much fun experiences you have accumulated since your childhood.
What you have experienced when you were kids can bring you back a bigger power in you senior ages.  Those who happen to lack such power will have to live in a fearful, anxious and mistrustful life by being exposed to the endless negative information coming from TV.  What I’m trying to say here is that we need to be aware that our mind impacts on our life, especially the latter half of our entire life.  90% of the tabloid shows distribute negative information.  People who are possessed with the idea that they will be broken into by a burglar will get broken into.  Life is fun and people around me are all nice.  My family is tied in a good relationship.  If you can believe so, that’s the reality you can attain.

This is where the law of attraction applies.  In the same sense that we are drawing in everything, it seems as we are living in the same realm but in fact it’s not the other world; rather we should consider that we’ve been living between heaven, Asura realm, competitive hell or other realms.  If we stay happy keeping smiles and feeling grateful, nothing bad should happen to us until we die.

It is natural that we reduce in strength, vigor and motor abilities as we age, but if we can override those negative aspects by humor and wisdom to get accustomed to a new life, that’s good enough.  This is my creed.

Playing tennis together as a family.  Climbing is the family hobby.  Skiing and playing music together and participating in Phil harmony.  Besides, never fail to recognize the loss in the wars and offer earnest prayers.  The Emperor and Empress have shown me the most ideal way of life.  I believe that we should be proud and blessed with such wonderful examples.

Getting 50-year-old kimono altered for daughters to wear at their wedding or keeping the 40-year-old baby buggy in good shape for a revival in children’s generations… things like those teach us that good life is not costly at all.

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