Visiting a house designed by Mr. Masuda Ikeda and Ms. Yoko Sato

Mr. Masuo Ikeda was a worldwide, successful multi-artist who passed away in 1997.  His house where he spent with Ms. Yoko Sato is now open to the public as an art gallery.  I visited the house of gallery in Atami the other day.  Mr. Ikeda was a cheerful, brisk and smart person and Ms. Sato is a sexy and charming lady who plays the violin very dynamically and manly.  I became to know both of them through my late husband, Yasunori Sugahara.

I visited the gallery after a long interval and I felt a sign of their being and appreciated each work piece there.  The house was absolutely wonderful enough to feel the happy days that they must have led.  The house had appearance with a feeling of unity with stained-glasses in the entrance, bathroom and ceiling lights.  It was indeed the modern type of house in those days.

Mr. Masuo failed the entrance examination for the Tokyo University of the Arts three times.  He was a very unique artist.  That’s why he was so hungry and energetic to be engaged in producing works in various forms of art such as woodcut prints, potteries, water color paintings, writing nobles and motion pictures.  He also collaborated with Ms. Yoko to release essays and hosted some TV shows.  Ms. Yoko devoted herself to support Mr. Masuo all the time.  She never failed to keep smiles, never clashed with him and lived peacefully and merrily.  Ms. Yoko still lives in Atami but I think she misses her husband so much.  This artistic house is full of the happiest days of their marriage life, which NHK (Nippon Hoso Kyokai, Japan Broadcasting Corp.) focused on in a special documentary from the dramatic encounter throughout their life.  It was worth watching.  Usually, a couple of two artists have strong personalities enough to run into each other.  Or some may fight to protect their own space.  Mr. Masuo and Ms. Yoko were both liberal and tolerant persons and had no such worries but lived happily together ever after.  They were such a lovely couple unlike others.  Their intelligence, caring and attractiveness as a man and a woman must have bloomed more graciously by being together.

The gallery had some jewelries on display that Mr. Masuo designed for Ms. Yoko.  They were so artistic that seemed to suit Ms. Yoko well.

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